Academic Affairs

House Activities

The school is divided into four houses namely Shivaji, Gandhi, Patel and Bhagat. Each House is under the charge of a teacher. The House system creates a healthy competitive spirit and unity while conducting sports and academic activities.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parents Teacher Meetings are planed throughout the year in which all aspects of their students are discussed and brought to the notice of parents for the betterment of weak students.

Co-curricular activities

Various co-curricular activities are held throughout the year like Public speaking, Fancy dress competition for Nursery classes, Playing Musical Instruments, Dancing/Singing, Art/ Craft activities, Playing football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Hockey and Conducting of important Olympiad Tests.



Dr. Sudhir Sethi , MD, MESC, MACC,FIAE, Heart specialist (Ph. No. 0181-5000333) and Dr. Pradeep Jain, GAMS (PB.) M.I.: M.S. (PV) (Ph. No. 0181-2260907) are the Hony. Physicians of the school. They attends to the emergency cases on  school working days


The school has a tradition to boost the morale of the students by awarding the top 1st and 2nd position students of final exams. In which the 1st position student of 10th class Board exam is being awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1.00 lac in each year. 2nd position students are given Rs. 20000/- each. Similarly, students of 1st class to 9th class who achieve top position in the annual exam are given Rs. 10000/- each.

Hygiene and Sanitation

This school has deployed sufficient number of safai staff who always keep the school campus clean. There are separate lavatories for boys, girls, teachers and admin staff. One safai lady remain in attendance at the lavatories of Boys and girls who ensure safai and assist students in case of any problem. Emphasizes are made to progress the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Maintaining Greenery & flower pots

Experience Gardeners have been deployed in the school to maintain total greenery and flower pots in the school campus. The visiting persons called it a flower garden and a green school.